Hp charms

Mostly pink straps
Accessorize ur handphones too! We use our handphones every single day. It is constantly in our hands. We can make a fashion statement with a pretty hp charm. :)

Besides being a hp charm/ keychain. U can detach the split ring and wear it as a pendant too! How fantastic is that. Being pretty now comes at a low price!

3 ways to attach:

1.tie it
2. use the clasp
3. use the split ring

Hpc 1

Pink heart with pink glass beads from Japan


Hpc 2

Fabric pink rose


Hpc 3

Pearl purple heart with purple mini heart


Hpc 4

2 hearts


Hpc 5

Key with heart charm


Hpc 6

White crystal with blue cat eye beads


Hpc 7

Pink crystal with white cat eye beads


Hpc 8

Crystals in blue and clear rondell


Hpc  9
Pink cat eye butterfly with rondell crystal
Hpc 10

Pink glass pearls with white acrylic heart

Hpc 11
Fuschia acrylic butterfly with white semi opaque crystal



Hpc 12

Pearl with pink glass beads with mini charm


Hpc 13

Swarovski heart in AB. Reflects colours of the rainbow.


Hpc 14
Swarovski crystal heart in Moonlight effect


Hpc 15

Light pink bicones and white rondell crystal in the centre


Hpc 16

Swarovski aquamarine heart


Hpc 17

Cream pearl with blue crystals


Hpc 18

Blue crystal


Hpc 19 (black)

Hpc 20 (brown)

Both are on black strap. Fluffy butterfly hp charm. keychain.

Butterfly doubles as a hp screen wiper too!

$4.90 each