Black glitter eyeliner

Brand New : Imported From Taiwan

Ruby La Eau 3D Black Glitter Mini Pencil Eyeliner (3D effect)

$5.90/ pc

Want to have big, beautiful eyes instantly?

Well now you can. Always envy those who have mesmerizing pretty eyes? Most of us are not born with big eyes like Ayumi Hamasaki. But fret not. We can use makeup to enhance our looks. With the correct products and makeup techniques, you can be sure to look pretty too.

Be the centre of attention!

I personally prefer the easy way out. I am lazy and want something fast but can still produce results. This mini glitter eyeliner is one product which i absolutely adore! It has a smooth glide, easy to apply and gives a wide eye dolly look.
Basically u just have to draw top eyeliner and apply mascara. For a more dramatic effect, simply draw on the bottom as well. I used this eyeliner for my tutorial.>> tutorial link

Effect: Subtle smoky wide eye look.

This pencil creates a long lasting black glittering effect that enhances your eyes to look the best!