Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Higher nose bridge without PS

PS here means photoshop & / plastic surgery.

Always envy those who have a high nose bridge? Now you can have a higher nose bridge too!

I'm gonna teach u girls a simple and effective way. :)

Before highlighting.

Face is without makeup throughout

Items you'll need:

1) Brush
2)Nude/ beige shimmer eyeshadow OR highlighter

*Please DO NOT choose white as it'll be too obvious

Close up view

After you've done all the rest of the makeup. Highlighting will be the last as it will bring out your features better!


1. Dab a little powder on the brush.

2. Tap off excess on the back of your hand.

3. Highlight your nose bridge as illustrated

4. You're done!

Do you see the difference? Try it out now.


  1. Dropping by ere. =)

  2. i always fin makeup interesting.. the wonders of changing someone's look =)

  3. Really interesting. There is this day, when I asked my friend to touch up her makeup (I was the photographer for the day), and she asked me after looking at the mirror what she needs to touch up on. I replied that there are two orange patchs, one on each side of her face, and she said that is to make her face look sharper (not that round) in the picture.