Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Home Club Flea Rant

Here's my personal review of the flea at Home Club on 22nd May.

I rented a booth so this is my opinion on what i feel as a vendor.

Setup- we were told to reach by 12pm,1 hour before the event starts to set up.
I reached before 12pm and was sitting around for the person in charge to give instructions.
When it was almost 12, the guy probably from urban entertainment told everyone that the person is late.
The staff from Home Club reached maybe around 12.20pm. Then they started to put the tables and chairs out. The staff from urban entertainment labelled the tables with numbers from like 1-50. By that time, people were already lining up to get registered and get their booths. By that time, it was already 1pm. Bad arrangement!

Allocation of booths- it was supposed to be random on the day itself. But guess what, first come first served. The ones in front could basically pick the spot that they like first. The rest in the queue just have to choose from what's left. I mean why state in the terms if it is not fufilled? Makes no sense to me at all.

Size of table- 3 ft by 3 ft. Tell me how is a round table supposed to be 3 by 3? And it's not 3 ft X 3ft.

Traffic flow- one word sums it up: pathetic. There was supposed to be flyers distributed out to inform people about this flea. But I doubt so judging from the number of people who came. I only sold $30 worth of items. If my aunt didn't offer to split the rental, I would have suffered a loss! But basically i only made $10 excluding food, carpark, etc. I believe some stalls didn't even sell a thing!

In case of rain- all organisers should have a backup plan as to where should vendors move in the event of rain. It drizzled and those who were not in the shelter scrambled to find space inside. We were then told not to block the passage to the apartments. They told us we could move to the corner space which I don't think anyone would pass by.

It was also stated in the terms and conditions that refund can only be due to insufficient response. They stated as insufficient respond. I mean if you want to be professional, at least find someone with good english to write those stuff. How do you define insufficient response?

Urban entertainment likes to spam people's mail. Because i enquired about the booths using two different email accounts. They sent me several emails over the week so I told them to stop flooding my email  because I already know or something like that. Guess what they said? I shouldn't have used 2 accounts to register.
I didn't register using both accounts. I merely enquired because my question wasn't answered in one of the mail. Best part is after that, they STILL emailed to both my accounts! So irritating.

Overall flea of Home Club flea and urban entertainment- needs tremendous improvement. After all this nonsense, i suffered from sun burn which made the whole experience even worse. So i would seriously not have another flea at Home Club and with urban entertainment.

I hate being cheated and lied to. Why list out all the T&Cs but it was not fufilled?


  1. can totally imagine how disappointed ur. May be can try at some forums, where they have sales list?

  2. Dropping by ere. =). Have a great day. Smiles

  3. OMG! I happen to bloghop and stumble upon your blog. I actually participated in another flea - Hooked on Flea #2, also organised by the same company. The event took place on 29 and 30 may. i registered for the first day. and everything that you wrote above happened at on that day too! im astonished because obviously it goes to show the organisers DID NOT learn from their lessons. gosh. the staffs from homeclub were late too, and the table provided was like a coffee table, which was so small, when in the email they promised a 60x60cm table. i felt so cheated.

    also, they stated it'd be air-conditioned, but obviously it was only for the first 24 stalls. i didnt get to be among the lucky ones, so i had to set up my booth outside (NOT air-con, so i felt cheated, again). unfortunately there were many smokers at my area and i almost died. luckily it didnt rain else it'd be really crappy...

    im unhappy with their arrangement and the way they handled things. i actually emailed them to feedback about it and they had the cheek to tell me that they give priority to their closer friends, so these people can get their booths indoors. urgh i'll NEVER participate in any fleas organised by freemansisland again. horrible experience.

  4. Manning a booth in any flea market is tough.
    Scot around for better places n you will succeed.
    Good luck!

  5. Transfer their email as junk. At least u no need to delete 2 times.

  6. @ohmywtf: yea, i have another flea coming up soon! With air con and a much bigger space

    @lean: Thanks!

    @yinny: wah..similar experience as mine. This goes to show how bad they are. Maybe they just want the money

    @lion girl: Yup. Have gotten a booth at Supper Club which is much bigger with air con. Hopefully the response will be good.

    @kelvin: I do not wish to get their marketing mails anymore since i've told them. It is seriously like spam.