Monday, May 17, 2010

Fashion Bazaar Project Part II

More items for the upcoming flea market at Home Club this Sat, 22nd May!

There'll be swarovski jewellery, accessories, bags, nail art sticker, hair pins and more!

What's more? You can also customize your own piece of jewellery there too! :D

Home Club Address: The Riverwalk, B1-01/06 20 Upper Circular Road. Singapore 058416

Directions: Clarke Quay mrt, Exit E. Turn left and cross traffic light near Cheers to the road opposite. Walk to small lane near Bak Kuk Teh shop and walk straight till end of road. Turn left. Home Club is just nearby!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fashion Bazaar Preview Part I

A preview of some items that will be coming your way next Sat, May 22 at Home Club!

Wallets/ Pouches and hp charms

 Beautiful faux leather wallet

Cute colourful pouch

Assorted hp charms

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Drink up

Drink your way to a healthier you!

Sharing an cup of tea with all of you. An au naturel tea that is easy to make and has many benefits.

Red Rose bud tea

Red Rose Bud Tea is made from real rose buds, plucked when they are young and then dried. A lovely and highly enjoyable beverage for high tea. Red Rose Bud Tea is particularly good for women.

Benefits: Red Rose Bud Tea adds spark to women beauty, relieves menstrual pain, ease stomach bloatedness, helps in vision and reduces fat to aid in slimming.
Things that you'll need:

1. Red rose buds ( available at most chinese medicinal halls)
2. Honey/ sugar
3. Hot water
4. Ice (optional)

Dried rose buds

A view of what it looks like

Brewing guide:

1. Prepare half a cup of hot water.
Put a few rose buds into the hot water and let brew for a while. You can tell when the rose changes colour.

2. Take a tablespoonful of honey.
*I like it sweet but you can adjust the amount of honey to your prference or choose not to add any.

3. Add in honey and mix till melted.

4. Add in more water and stir well.
* water can be at room temperature or cold water is also fine. Add ice if desired.

Enjoy your tea!

My review: Tea looks pretty. Sweet smelling. Taste fragrant without leaving a bitter aftertaste. Very mild and smooth.

Let's all drink to a healthier, prettier us!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fashion Bazzar Project at Home Club

Yay! Sweet Dancing Ballerina has rented a booth for the flea at Home Club. There will be an array of items for sale. From handmade jewellery, clothes, bags to nail art sticker. There is certainly something for every girl. Prices start from as low as just $1.50! Do join if you are free. :D

Home Club Address: The Riverwalk, B1-01/06 20 Upper Circular Road. Singapore 058416

I will be putting up some photos of the items for sale in another post.