Thursday, April 15, 2010

Top 10 dating tips

The way to smarter dating

Instead of talking about dating mistakes which does not help at all, i'm gonna talk about.................................
DATING TIPS! Yes, it can be helpful especially for those who are single and do not know a clue about it.

1. Be open about it. If you really want to succeed in the dating game, be ready to commit to dating.
Put in some effort but don't have to overdo it.

2.Be punctual on dates otherwise you may give the impression you aren't interested in your date

3. Choose those you have a good chance of dating. Be realistic. Eg. Don't aim for a model when you are a super shortie.

4. Join clubs, societies, events, groups --something of your interest or anything that might help you meet like-minded potential partners. You will not meet people by staying indoors and cooping yourself at home.

5. Enjoy dating for what it is, dating. It is meeting people and socializing .The fact is, most people have something interesting to offer. If it doesn't work then you just have one more friend. That's all.

6. Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places- have you ever wondered why things suddenly turn differently?
Perhaps,  you were in the wrong place. I feel that night spots are not a good place to pick up a date unless you just want to wake up in the morning and think: "Who the hell is this?!?!"

7. You must be prepared for letdown but most importantly you must try not to take dating too seriously.

8.It is important that you are prepared for letdowns. It is possible that not every person you ask out will accept. You need to look at it from another point of view, would you go on a date with every single person that asks you out? You are not THAT desperate are you?

9. It helps some people to think about dating aims. Are you looking for fun, dating, marriage, sex, long-term or short-term relationships? It may help to have a timescale in your head. You may wish to date people for a while then a year down the line look for a more serious relationship. If you are looking for a serious relationship but you choose to date someone who only wants a casual fun relationship, then you are putting yourself at risk of getting hurt.

10. Never make yourself too available. People like mystery and enigma and the thrill of the chase when dating.

That's all. Hope it'll help a little. Good luck!


  1. dating.. one very interesting and exciting thing to do =D

  2. yea..exciting coz it's full of uncertainty!