Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How to look from plain to fabulous

Easy glam up for dinner/ clubbing

I'm very lazy and seldom put on heavy makeup. I prefer fast and easy ways to glam my look. There are no ugly women. Only lazy ones. How true this is. Proper techniques will surely help to beautify us even more.
Makeup can transform and empower!

Before putting on makeup, of course we need to do the basics first.

Cleanse-using a cleanser suitable for your skin and your needs
Tone-to remove dead skin cells
Moisturize-to provide sufficient moisture for your skin
Protect- sunscreen to provide SPF.

Myth: Oily skin does not need moisturizer.


Moisturizing is important as it provides the necessary moisture for your skin.  If u skip moisturizer, the skin may produce even MORE sebum( oil secretion) to protect the skin against dryness. Those with oily skin can choose a water based moisturizer. Personally i just use aloe vera as i hate products with alcohol and oil.

Sunscreen is extremely important because we face so much uv rays daily. Uv rays can cause pigmentation such as freckles, etc. By the time those spots appear, it'll be difficult for them to go. The damage has been done. Whitening will not be very effective by then. Haven't you heard that prevention is better than cure?

Ok. Now for the simple makeup steps!

My nude face:

Shallow skin
tired eyes
lifeless complexion

I'm using BB cream. All you need is just a small amount. BB creams usually provide light-medium coverage.

Spread the BB cream all over your face.

Areas to cover:

Forehead, Cheeks, Nose, Chin

Use foundation sponge/ wedge to apply evenly onto your face.
Take note of areas such as sides of nose, sides of mouth, undereye area. Blend well into skin and spreading it in an outward direction.

I felt that i needed more coverage for the eye bags.
So i dabbed a little concealer on the undereye area
You can choose to blend it with your fingers/ brush.
Fingers: Use your ring finger and lightly pat to spread.
Then use an upward, outward motion to blend.

*Remember to blend well and choose the correct shade.
Otherwise, a white patch will show in photos.

Set with loose powder.

Apply eyeshadow on your eyelids.

For me, i used a white eyeshaow with shimmer.

Do not OD(overdo) on eyeshadow, esp those which are highly pigmented or contains glitter. You wouldn't want to look wayang or like a geisha

Draw black eyeliner on the top.

You can choose pencil, gel or liquid.

Pencil is the easiest to use.

You can slowly build on the intensity and thickness of the line.

A clean look.

For a more dramatic look, continue to next step.

Draw black eyeliner on the bottom outer corner about 1/3-1/2 of the lashline. Draw white eyeliner on the remaining inner portion.
White helps to open the eyes.

Apply mascara, blusher and lipgloss.


You are done and all ready to partyy! :)

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